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  • This week, 72 new users joined via organic search results 

  • This week, 36 new users joined via the direct search of

  • This month, 450 new users joined than last month via organic search results

  • This month, 80% growth in joining of new users via organic search results


  • This week, 56% of visited users are females

  • This month, 89% of visited users belong to the 20-40 age group

  • This week, China recorded the highest traffic with 1 visit

  • This month, China and the United States of America are the most visited countries


  • This week, 2 minutes is the shortest recorded session 

  • This week, 550 minutes is the longest recorded session

  • This week, 155 minutes is the average recorded session length

  • This month, 72% used Chrome as the browser

  • This month, 5.2 is the bounce rate for the pages

  • This week, Sample Narrative is the highest viewed page with 26 visits


  • This month, "website" is the most active campaign sourse

  • This week, campaign recorded highest new users joined with 250 new users

  • This month, campaign "Launch"had the maximum traffic with 1 visits