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TrueInsights Is Now Live!! Simple, Useful Analytics for Everyone!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The existence of sophisticated business intelligence tools such as charts, charts, and databases has disrupted the understandability of traditional analysis. Hence the need for simple and easy-to-understand business intelligence tools

In our past experience, we have observed that business owners are not happy with such complex analyses as they are busy with their work and do not have time to analyze complex charts and graphs. They would like to have those insights delivered as simple actionable narratives and stories. That was our goal with TrueInsights.

TrueInsights will give you the best explanation to your metrics and charts as narratives which in turn saves time and resources. TrueInsights also delivers those narratives via Email, which even simplifies your work.

After almost 6 months of development and with all your valuable comments and suggestions, we are excited to announce TrueInsights is now officially live !!!!.

We offer a free plan to analyze 100K page views for every month. To signup please use

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