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Technological Tools for New Age Entrepreneurs

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Building a website

Website Building - Introduction

Growing the new business requires a clean & perfect website. Developing a website is very hard since it requires more technical learning and technical tools. Website development is not a single task but a series of tasks. Each development path is different based on the type of website, programming languages, and resources. So developing a site takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work.

To develop a good quality website, there should be a good website builder as well. It is a program or tool that allows you to design and create websites without having to edit any code. So it eliminates the need for manual code editing. Website builders can be both online and offline. But among both beginners and experienced designers, online ones are more popular. Choosing and editing a template, adding content, and creating new pages are the main steps of website building. Ultimately website builders make it easy to build and maintain your website to be a success with a better online presence.

Here are some good website builders; Squarespace, Gator, Wix

Website Hosting

Website hosting is allocating space on a web server for a website to store its files. Any website is always hosted on a server. A server is a computer that connects other web users to your site from anywhere in the world. It’s a kind of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web.

Choosing the right hosting plan keeps your website loading quickly and reliably for your visitors by having access to the right allocation of resources. When the files that make up a website are uploaded from a local computer onto a web server, web hosting occurs. The server’s resources, (RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth) are allocated to the websites using it.

Hosts not only make your website available to others, they also provide services related to managing these servers and their software, support, bandwidth, speed, and so on. So the selection of a better host is important. Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud, and Reseller are the types of web hosting.

Here are some good website hosts; Hostinger, DreamHost, Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator, and GreenGeeks.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the most important factor of the business to collect leads. One of best the cost-effective solutions that empower businesses to reach customers is email marketing. Also, a form of direct marketing as well as digital marketing, that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. Emails always build trust among business owners and clients more than other social media platforms. It is more professional and quicker as well.

Email marketing can help you build a relationship with your audience while also driving traffic to your blog, social media, or anywhere else you’d like to visit. You can even segment your emails and target users as your need. There are also smaller issues with email marketing, such as spam, size restrictions, and competition with other messages.

Now there are many email marketing tools as well. Especially free email marketing tools are much popular now.

Here are some examples: SMTP, Sendinblue, Omnisend, SendPulse, MoonMail, Mailchimp, MailerLite, and EmailOctopus.

Lead Generation

A lead is any person who has an interest in a company's product or service in some way, shape, or form. A lead is part of the broader lifecycle that customers follow as they transition from visitor to customer.

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and nurturing their interest with the ultimate goal of converting them into a customer.

A key point in a person's journey to becoming a happy customer is lead generation. After several steps of this lead generation process, once you put all of these elements together, you can use your various promotional channels to drive traffic to your landing page to start generating leads.

Here are some good lead generation tools; HubSpot Marketing Hub, Intercom, Woorise, Proof, Paperform, MobileMonkey, Mailshake

Content Marketing

It is the process of publishing written and visual material online with the aim of getting more leads for your business. This includes posts, pages, eBooks, infographics, videos, etc.

Content marketing is about deliberately tailoring the pages, videos, ebooks, and posts to your target audience so they find you the inbound way rather than the outbound way.

Content marketing educates your leads and prospects about the products and services you offer, boosts conversions, builds relationships between your customers and business that result in increased loyalty, show your audience how your products and services solve their challenges and create a sense of community around your brand.

There are tools for content marketing such as HubSpot, WordPress, Google Docs, Grammarly, Yoast, and Buzzsum.


Analytics is the most important deciding factor of the business. The leading analytics software is Google Analytics.

Why we should use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most common and basic tool for analyzing website trends. Mostly, it helps to predict user behaviors and ultimately it leads to the creation of better marketing strategies and other business-related plans. Google Analytics contributes to making this even more efficient and effective in helping you grow as a business.

The problem with Google Analytics is the complexity of using & analyzing the data since it requires some technical persons. The only way you can decipher anything from Google Analytics is to learn their language or take the help of their complex tutorials that will make you run around in circles, or your last resort is to hire a data analyst who will make sense of the data for you.

A small or medium-sized e-commerce business cannot afford to hire experts or pay exorbitant amounts to avail of all the features. To circumvent these complex problems, TrueInsights have a simple solution.

A good alternative to Google Analytics is TrueInsights. TrueInsights will give you the best explanation for your metrics and charts as narratives which in turn saves time and resources. TrueInsights also delivers those narratives via Email, which even simplifies your work.

The Difference between the narratives & charts

Take one look at this image, and I’m pretty sure you are equally overwhelmed.

Humans tend to prefer illustrations, but a good story will remain in our memory.

This is precisely what TrueInsights do; They untangle the complicated metrics and present them in the form of a simple easy-to-read story, which refer as “narrative insights”. Narratives are the most important feature where we can get the narrated response from the particular insights, which will exactly express the data.

Using TrueInsights any non-technical people can understand the analytics & analyze the data. TrueInsights allows you to track trends, customer behavior, and market shifts at a glimpse without the need for a data analyst.

Real-time, customizable narratives, easy integration and support from the TrueInsights team, and time-saving and pocket-friendliness are the main features of TrueInsights that will any client would love to experience.

Installing TrueInsights is very simple please refer to this blog (

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