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SweetNSpicy Microgreens with TrueInsights - A Success Story

Updated: May 2, 2022

Custom Testimonial - SweetNSpicy Microgreens

We are SweetNSpicy Microgreens, a leading producer of fresh organic microgreens and deliver in and around Tamil Nadu, India.

As a startup, we were at the beginning of our production as well as distribution journey. We are always worried about our performance in the market. Initially, our major way of connecting with customers was via online pathways. Therefore, we always wanted to know about our customer performance and the effectiveness of our website

TrueInsights gave us the perfect solution for the problems that were burning in our minds. We were able to obtain real-time actionable insights as narratives on our website performance. TrueInsights insights were really helpful for us to get a thorough idea about our website performance and able to identify features that needed to be changed or optimized. As a small-sized e-commerce startup, we cannot afford to hire experts or pay exorbitant amounts to avail of all the features. TrueInsights allows us to track trends, customer behaviour, and market shifts at a glimpse without the need for a data analyst.

In the beginning, we struggled to promote our company due to a lack of information on the audience, best referrers, and search engines. etc. Now we were able to identify the most promising referrers. So we paid more attention to those pathways to attract more customers to our website. Also, TrueInsights showed us the traffic from the different cities which helps us to focus on those to increase our orders.

We totally recommend TrueInsights for everyone from startups to small and medium-scale e-commerce websites.

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