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How to Install TrueInsights and What Should I Do

TrueInsights, being the best solution provider for your business, gives explanations to your metrics and charts as simple and easy-to-understand narratives which will save your time and resources in returns. You will be able to track market trends, customer behaviors, and market shares in a very simple and easy manner while getting a complete idea of ​​how your business is actually going.

Installation of TrueInsights

To install TrueInsights to your website or blog, you may follow the below steps.

1. Visit the TrueInsights portal and signup for a new account.

2. Once you complete the Signup and complete email verification. You will be prompted with "Add Business" screen. Fill in the website details.

3. Once you complete the "Add Business" form. TrueInsights will now provide you the tracking code. Copy the tracking code.

4. Paste the tracking code inside the HTML tag of your website.

5. The installation is now complete. You can visit the anytime to view the generated insights.

We also have TrueInsights WordPress Plugin which is a simplified version of installation of TrueInsights to WordPress sites. So you can start analytics and get insights about your website activity from the beginning of the journey.

Plugin installation can be done as follows.

1. Activate the plugin.

2. Use the Settings =>

“TrueInsights” link to visit the portal, where you can view and manage the generated insights


The insights will be delivered to your email as well bi weekly

This is a quick video on how to add the plugin.

A free plan of the plugin also has been created for the convenience of the users and you will be able to get fully customizable narratives

For questions or any further clarifications, you can book a demo in TrueInsights It will help you to get answers on,

  • Adding TrueInsights to your websites and blogs

  • How to use the portal and its features

  • Reviewing generated insights

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