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Realtime Narratives

Realtime actionable insights as narratives, that can help everyone in the organization.



Narratives are fully customizable, so you can focus on the important insights.

Easy Integration & Support

You can configure the narratives to be delivered either via Email or Slack.


Save Time and Money

Narrative insights can help keep you on budget, track trends, customer behavior and market shifts, which in turn saves time & resources.


  • This week, 72 new users joined via organic search results 

  • This week, 36 new users joined via the direct search of

  • This month, 450 new users joined than last month via organic search results

  • This month, 80% growth in joining of new users via organic search results


  • This week, 56% of visited users are females

  • This month, 89% of visited users belong to the 20-40 age group

  • This week, China recorded the highest traffic with 1 visit

  • This month, China and the United States of America are the most visited countries


  • This week, 2 minutes is the shortest recorded session 

  • This week, 550 minutes is the longest recorded session

  • This week, 155 minutes is the average recorded session length

  • This month, 72% used Chrome as the browser

  • This month, 5.2 is the bounce rate for the pages

  • This week, Sample Narrative is the highest viewed page with 26 visits


  • This month, "website" is the most active campaign sourse

  • This week, campaign recorded highest new users joined with 250 new users

  • This month, campaign "Launch"had the maximum traffic with 1 visits

Sample Insights

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